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Inspired By Passion
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

Recent Events

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Marriage Proposal

Witness the magic of our live performance in this touching marriage proposal.

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Wedding Dance

Experience an enchanting live performance during this special wedding dance moment.

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Valentine's Day Serenade

Check out our heartfelt live performance at this unforgettable Valentine’s Day serenade.

To ignite romance and spontaneity, enabling couples to enjoy passionate and long-lasting love.
Deutros Mcnicolls
Founder, Musician
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mesmerising and unforgettable experiences

Welcome to our world of live music, where enchanting melodies and captivating performances create unforgettable experiences. We are a dynamic ensemble of passionate musicians, carefully curating a diverse repertoire to resonate deeply with audiences of all tastes. Each member brings a unique flair, adding to the extraordinary auditory and visual journey we craft.

From intimate gatherings to larger crowds, our live music consistently surpasses expectations, ensuring each performance becomes truly unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the magic of live music, where every note paints a beautiful canvas of emotions, leaving cherished memories in its wake. Join us on this musical odyssey and experience the sheer magic of live music, where every moment becomes a mesmerizing and enriching affair.



Special Events

Experience the allure of our live music at your exclusive event. Click the link below to secure an entrancing performance for your memorable occasion.



Experience the magic of our live music at your wedding. Click the link below to book us for an enchanting performance on your special day.



Bring comfort to your loved one’s funeral with live music. Click below to arrange a heartfelt performance, honoring their memory with our music.


What Our Customers Say About Us

“Cardiac Strings helped to make my wedding exceptional. This young man was punctual, professional and connected during his musical performance. We could not help but just stop an take in his performance. Guests came to me an told me how moved they were by his eloquent renditions on the violin. I highly recommend this gentleman to add just the perfect touch of emotion to any event.”
“Hi, good afternoon, just wanted to say thanks for your performance yesterday. You were excellent and well received by all. You really helped enhance and complete our ceremony.”
Performance was professionally done I really appreciated how you were on time, seemed to enjoy the wedding itself and were flexible with our request”
“My husband and I were extremely impressed and emotional as Cardiac Strings played our wedding ceremony. When I requested specific instrumentals to make our special day come alive I was absolutely stunned and impressed at how professional and heart moving his songs were!!! We are extremely happy we chose this gentleman and have already started recommending to our friends that are getting married you get exactly what you pay for! Quality!”

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