Christmas Event Planners

The #1 thing you must have at your Christmas event to make it magical

This will guarantee your event is energised with the season's warmth ensuring everyone present has a festive and memorable time.

Shine a floodlight on the problem

We’ve all been there 

We show up to an event

The foods good, the program is on schedule, all the persons we were eagerly awaiting to meet are there, but….

Something seems to be off.

Everyone seems to be there but not fully present.

They seem to be too… formal, 

or looking at their phones, or

Not fully engaged in conversation with everyone there. 

And after all this planning, and preparation, you wonder

Was it really worth it to have this celebration?

Why is it that everyone was not fully comfortable to be expressive

And fully connected to everyone there

And what can you do to ensure

That everyone is truly relaxed 

So you can create the memories you truly want.

The memories where you look back and say I really miss those times. 


Timeless Memories

This is whats needed to make you event unforgettable.

So what’s missing at those events?

The right…


When people come to your event

They bring with them thoughts from various parts  of their life.

It could be what’s going on at their job, in their homes, their health

And many endless things that keep them from fully engaging at your event.

However, with the right atmosphere at your event

These same persons can temporarily forget these things, relax and truly connect with you and everyone at your event.

And the place starts feel truly magical

When everyone is in this atmosphere.

Everyone feels free…

And time just flys by at your event with everyone having a merry time.

This is what we at Cardiac Strings can do for you.

We can curate an atmosphere with our live musical performances

Where everyone at your event will feel free, lively, grateful and in the spirit on the season.

Where people will come back later

And tell you about the wonderful time they experienced at you event.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out our many happy and satisfied clients below

Whose events we were able to curate an atmosphere, where they were able to enjoy that special day…

And reminisce on it for a lifetime.  

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A Magnificent Experience For All

What you will get when you select us
  • Your event will be vibrant and energised. With this dynamic and lively environment all your attendees will be fully engaged.

  • Social interactions will flow, whether it be family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances or strangers, every one will feel free and relaxed, which will create a synergy at you event elevating it to the next level.

  • Our live performance will add a level of uniqueness and authenticity to your event ensuring it stands out and is remember by everyone there long after it’s over.

  • Your guest will know you went the extra mile for them to make them have a wonderful time at your event.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Cardiac Strings helped to make my wedding exceptional. This young man was punctual, professional and connected during his musical performance. We could not help but just stop an take in his performance. Guests came to me an told me how moved they were by his eloquent renditions on the violin. I highly recommend this gentleman to add just the perfect touch of emotion to any event.”
“Hi, good afternoon, just wanted to say thanks for your performance yesterday. You were excellent and well received by all. You really helped enhance and complete our ceremony.”
Performance was professionally done I really appreciated how you were on time, seemed to enjoy the wedding itself and were flexible with our request”
“My husband and I were extremely impressed and emotional as Cardiac Strings played our wedding ceremony. When I requested specific instrumentals to make our special day come alive I was absolutely stunned and impressed at how professional and heart moving his songs were!!! We are extremely happy we chose this gentleman and have already started recommending to our friends that are getting married you get exactly what you pay for! Quality!”

We’ll create the mesmerising atmosphere for your event that you want

If you're not satisfied, our performance will be free.

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  • A customised structure in terms of songs, instruments and performance durations that will be perfect for your event ( Value $ 600 )

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** Limited spaces available
due to the Christmas season’s demand **

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